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Dear Sir or Madam,

We offer you many possibilities such as, free chat, single chat as well as the business area (for company entries).
Why was Schkeuditz / Leipzig selected?
Because here a good infrastructure has emerged, which brings us with our website "know-how" close to medium-sized companies.
We also have nothing to give away, but our prices are so low that we almost give away our service.
That's why we've looked at your website, which could use a new outfit as well as more customer binding elements.
You wonder how that should go? Well, we've been looking for a solution for a long time and found it. We are now in the position to provide you with a TOP websites, this also at a reasonable price and with a monthly webmaster service.
There are numerous options in our built websites that will enable you to communicate more closely with your customers.
1. 1 to 1 customer chat
    1 to 1 mail delivery
2. Send the scanned documents
3. Werbemail text / video to registered customers
4. Process images to an advertising video.
5. Advertising on IPMCONTACT.COM
6. Cheap fixed prices for unique website manufacture and monthly server costs.
 This is how you can communicate with customers CLICK HERE
 Best regards
Jürgen Lörke